Hey Future Mom - Welcome to the first trimester!

I'm Bianca, a Rookie mom of two little boys and currently expecting my third little angel. I actually only found out a couple weeks ago at the time of  writing this but thought - why not get real with you?

Since you found out that you are pregnant, you have certainly experienced a wide variety of feelings and emotions. People naturally expect you to be over the moon and excited when you find out, however it's also totally normal if you are feeling anxious, confused or scared - especially if you have had traumatising experiences in the past.

We all experience pregnancy and the first trimester differently. However, there is also so much that we have in common during this time.

The first trimester really can be the hardest. You feel pregnant but don't look pregnant. Often making it hard to explain when you are not feeling well or like yourself. You may experience the dreaded nausea and fatigue. You may just be overly sensitive and emotional.

Think about it: Your body is preparing to create another human! Morning sickness and fatigue can be really draining, but don't worry, it's completely normal and part of the process. Allow yourself freedom to rest and be because it will pass eventually.

Carla and I have had 4 healthy and complete pregnancies between the two of us, with one more currently in progress and Bekka is currently pregnant with her first little angel - watch the video to hear about our personal experiences, how we got through morning sickness and the doubts and worries we experienced in the first trimester.

Some tips that could help you navigate through the first trimester below:

    Jotting down your feelings is a great way of releasing negative thoughts and emotions - a pregnancy journal is also a good way to track patterns, food aversions and symptoms. We often forget our experiences after the baby arrives so it’s also a great reminder down the line of how much you have overcome and how you experienced it all - maybe for future pregnancies.

    Nausea is definitely not a pleasure. There are a few things you can try to help ease the feeling. Our bodies all react differently, therefore trying a variety of different things until you find what works for you is best!

    - Take your prenatal vitamins in the evening instead of in the morning
    - Anything containing ginger - ginger biscuits, sweets or drinks,
    lemon or lemonade
    -Protein and foods rich in vitamin B6 such as nuts, chickpeas, legumes
    - Light salted crackers before you wake up
    -Eat small amounts throughout the day to avoid getting hungry or over full.
    When you're feeling down, it's really hard to find time and motivation to exercise. However, starting your day with 30 minutes of stretching, walking or yoga (depending on what you're comfortable with) will increase those feel good endorphins and guarantee a better and brighter start to the day. Some of the most enjoyable activities during pregnancy include yoga, walking, jogging, and swimming.
    Maybe you're looking in the mirror right now and waiting for your baby bump. You feel awful, you're upset, but no one can see that you're pregnant - of course, that can be frustrating. Especially when you're trying to explain why you're not feeling so good right now. Take a photo of your belly weekly or monthly. It's so interesting to see all the pictures together later down the line, and to watch your little one grow.

    Are you drinking enough water? If yes, drink more! It's so important that you stay hydrated as your body goes through all these changes. If you feel tired, take a nap. Taking care of yourself and your physical and mental well-being is now your number one priority. Don't be afraid to take some time for yourself and just do nothing.
We hope your first trimester isn't too overwhelming for you. Try to keep reminding yourself that you are creating a new human being and that is a superpower.

Be patient with yourself and be present in the moment.

You're going to be an amazing mom.