Let's be honest, a little sleep would be really wonderful for us parents. But the little ones often have a different opinion and sometimes it takes hours to lull them to sleep.

When we consider that our babies go through growth spurts, learning so many new things and processing new impressions every day, it is understandable that they sometimes have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep on their own.
Your child's sleep is incredibly important because when your baby sleeps well, you sleep better too. A rested mom is a happy mom and a happy mom leads to a happy baby.

That's why we've put together a list of 6 tips for you that various mothers have tried themselves and that have helped them. We hope they help you and your sweetheart too!

"Overstimulation can be a major cause of babies struggling with their sleep. Experts recommend taking a quiet time or rest period before bedtime and avoiding activities that cause too much excitement, including watching TV. They recommend reading a Book, soft, relaxing music and a quiet environment with dim lights. This is the best way to tell your baby that bedtime is coming up. Personally, I like to hum an evening song to my baby while I already have the blinds down and Always let the same night light shine." - ROOKIE Mom Miriam

"Something that worked really well for both of my boys, especially during the time they were colic, was whooshing noises. Like imitations of nature: the rustling of the trees, the sea, or just a 'shhhh' External noises are blocked out and your baby can calm down better. - Rookie mom Sofie

"Babies often move their arms and legs a lot, especially when they're having cramps or just feeling a bit overwhelmed. This often results in them shedding their blankets or scratching themselves awake. What helped me with my baby was swaddling/ Wrap it up, something in a swaddle. This gave my baby the secure feeling he had in the womb and it stopped him from scratching himself. He woke up a lot less and always stayed toasty warm." -Rookie mom Anna

"Just like we like to take baths to relax, a nice warm bath followed by a relaxing massage is a great way to get your child ready for bed. My darling has often struggled with gas and tummy cramps. A warm bath and a massage helped her relieve the pain or pressure." -Rookie Mom Teresa

"Let's face it, all babies want to be held and rocked to sleep. Everyone has their own opinion on that. Some think it's a bad habit, while others all agree. Personally, I don't like to dwell on bedtime argue. For me, the most natural approach to bedtime is the best. I find that carrying my baby is the best way to do it. It makes him feel safe, warm and snuggly. I find it super convenient to carry it during the day, as well as to to get something done and at night it's perfect for making my sparrow sleepy before I put her in the crib." - ROOKIE Mom Lara

"My insider tip for rocking my babies into slumberland is the swing2sleep hammock. Celebrated by young parents on Instagram and other social media, I was skeptical at first: if my boys get used to the even up and down movements of the motorised hammock, so they can't get to sleep in any other way? And is the swing2sleep really not harmful to the small back? I can now, looking back, confidently wipe both concerns aside. The spring cradle rocks the little ones within a few minutes sound sleep, so that I can finally find time for all the things that I normally don't do.All models of the swing2sleep are not equipped with one, but several springs.This allows the weight of my boys to be perfectly balanced and the spine of the little ones is relieved. Swing2sleep is recommended by midwives for good reason. And when it comes to getting used to it: I can reassure all skeptics. A baby will certainly get used to a place to sleep and the gentle rocking. But that doesn't mean it'll just sleep like that. When the time comes and you no longer need the smart sleep aid, the cot will also work." - Rookie mom Nicole

What are your top tips for having your baby fall asleep, Mama?