Happy Mother's Day, Mama 💕

Becoming a mom looks different to everyone. Each journey is unique and beautiful in itself, but at the same time scary and overwhelming too.

Today we want to remind you as a Mother, that whatever your journey looked like or whatever stage you are in now - it’s important. 

You are worthy. You are deserving. You are loved & your story matters.

Women all over the world are experiencing the beauty of motherhood. There are also millions of women experiencing difficulty and trauma when it comes to pregnancy or postpartum! We keep it to ourselves for the fear of being judged, but we really should be normalising these topics to make sure our future mama’s and the tribe behind us feel supported, encouraged and most importantly - NOT ALONE.

So here is a small reminder to ALL OF YOU! 

To the mama trying to conceive:

We see you. Waiting, wishing & hoping that test is finally going to show two lines. Watching the people around you falling pregnant like it’s nothing. When will it be your turn? What did you do to deserve this? You question yourself, you blame yourself. BUT it’s not YOU! Timing is a weird thing mama, but one day you will have your little angel in your arms. You are deserving and your body is so strong! You may not be a mama just yet, but at heart you are - so this message is for you too! 

To the mama going through IVF:

You are tired. Tired of trying. Tired of hoping. Tired of wishing. Tired of needles. BUT OH SO STRONG! What a warrior you are mama - pushing through the pain and heartache constantly to ensure you can bring a perfect little life into the world. It may seem overwhelming and frustrating at times but remember this. You were built for this, and you are writing one magical and beautiful story in the process!  

To the mama who just gave birth (4th Trimester):

If this is your first baby, you might be feeling all sorts of emotions. Love, bliss and pride. Yet you are also most likely feeling anxious, scared and lonely. Birthing and raising a human is hard, unpredictable and exhausting. But you are doing an incredible job mama! Just remember, they won’t always be that little. This too shall pass, so enjoy every tiny second of that baby smell! Don’t be scared to ask for help, and remember it’s okay to take time for yourself!

To the mama who is scared and anxious of what’s coming:

Your pregnancy is coming to an end, which is so exciting. At the same time your entire world is about to change, which can be so scary. But let us remind you, or share a little secret with you. IT’S ALL GOOD CHANGE. You will see it soon mama, how absolutely incredible YOU and your BODY are! You are a walking miracle, and this whole motherhood thing, it's not always easy but it’s so worth it! And you were built for this journey! Best of luck for the next chapter! 


To the Mama that adopted:

You may not have carried them in your womb, but you carried them in your heart from the moment you decided to become their mother. You are no less of a mother. 

You have given a child a sense of belonging, a feeling of safety and security, and a deep well of love to draw from.

You have provided them with a life of love and a place they can call home, that otherwise would not have been possible. Being the perfect mom to this little one can sometimes feel scary. But just know like the rest of us. We learn as we grow, and we just try our best every single day. 

To the unplanned pregnancy:

Unplanned but not unwanted. The best type of surprise. An unplanned pregnancy can feel like an overwhelming and scary journey, but it can also lead to unexpected blessings and moments of pure joy. Despite the challenges, be grateful for the journey and the love that has come from it. With each passing day, be reminded of the strength and resilience that exists within you, and the unconditional love that surrounds you. You may not have planned for this, but be grateful for the gift of life and the opportunity to embrace this journey with open arms.

To the Stepmom:

Your child? His child? Her child? It doesn't matter, because a mother's love is boundless. Of course, something like this can be difficult and exhausting. But you are doing a great job! And even if the little one didn't grow under your heart, you opened it for him/her. Unconditionally. And that makes you a great mom.

We are so grateful to be a part of YOUR journey, no matter how it looks!. And we hope that you can find peace in your story and wear that crown with pride - because you deserve that much !