While the corona situation in Europe is slowly getting under control, South Africa is currently struggling with the consequences of the pandemic.

The country is one of the top 10 countries with the highest infection rates with more than half a million cases. In order to contain the infection, South Africa, like many other countries, has been making face masks compulsory for weeks - even for the youngest.

But especially people from poorer backgrounds and townships cannot afford this protection and often live in minimal space. Without face masks, there is no access to public places, supermarkets, social or medical facilities.

Also in the shelters of LETCEE (a foundation of Medical Checks for Children), face masks are important to contain the spread of the virus.

LETCEE is an international foundation that is committed to the medical care of children. In conjunction with the MAMAS programme in Greytown (South Africa), mothers and their children receive medical care and necessary treatment. Last year, a team of around 10 doctors and volunteers travelled to Greytown to examine around 1000 children within two weeks.

Not only can the team of doctors not travel to South Africa this year to carry out medical checks as usual, but many children there currently lack access to their social and medical contact points. There is a shortage of face masks everywhere. They also lack access to meals, which are often distributed in social institutions.

In order to improve the situation, we have been able to provide almost 180 children with face masks by joining forces from the Netherlands and South Africa. The face masks were made of high-quality Rookie fabrics by a local South African seamstress.

Last week they arrived in Greytown and the relief was great. This is because the children between two and five years of age live below the poverty line and are dependent on the protection and basic care provided by LETCEE.

We are very happy that we could support this project and hope for many more successful projects! 🖤

Read more about MCC and LETCEE here.