It is the weekend and let's be honest, a good nights sleep would be wonderful! If you asked our little ones, they would most probably have a different opinion on that! We can all admit that sometimes it takes hours to get our babies to sleep!

It's no surprise that with our babies growing at the speed of light, learning new things each day and all their growth spurts that they often find difficulty putting themselves to sleep or tend to wake up numerous times during the night.

We have discussed this with mothers and put together their best tips:

After realising the importance of sleep. I tried every trick in the book trying to get my babies to sleep through the night so we could all get a good nights rest. A rested mama/papa is a happy mama/papa. And happy parents lead to happy babies. In saying that, we have collected a list of tricks and tips for you that we've tried ourselves, and they've worked! We hope they work for you too!

Down time:

Overstimulation can be a major cause of babies struggling to sleep. Experts recommend that babies have a quiet time or rest before going to bed and avoid activities that cause too much excitement, including watching television. They recommend reading a book, soft relaxing music and a quiet environment with dimmed lights is the best way to let your baby know that he or she will go to bed soon.

Soft noise/soft music:

Something that I find worked very well with my two boys, especially during the time they had colic or were sick, was natural white noise. For example sounds from nature: the rustling of the trees, the sea, rain or even just the "shhhh" sound. These natural sounds block out outside noises and helps the baby to calm down.


Babies often move their arms and legs a lot, especially when they have cramps or just feel a bit overwhelmed. This often causes them to throw off their blanket or scratch themselves awake. By wrapping a baby in a swaddle, it gives them the safe feeling that they had in the womb. Swaddling also prevents babies from scratching themselves. They wake up less and always stay cuddled up and warm.

Warm bath and massage:

Just as we bathe to relax, a nice warm bath followed by a relaxing massage is a good way to get your baby ready for bed. Small babies often suffer from gas/winds and tummy cramps, a warm bath and massage can help relieve pain or pressure.

Baby wearing:

Let's face it, all babies want to be held and rocked to sleep. Everyone has their own opinion about this. Some think it's a bad habit, while others are all for it. Personally, I hate fighting over bed time. For me, the most natural approach to bedtime is the best. I find that carrying my baby is the best way to do it on those nights when it feels a little crazy. They feel comfortable, warm and snug. During the day it's great for a working mom, and at night it's perfect to make your little one sleepy and calm before putting them in the crib. This way I am also able to take care of the household, my toddler and do some things without too much fuss.

Every baby is so different. They love different things, and you will find that they also feel comforted by different things. Find what works for your baby and develop your own little routine to get them familiar with bed time.

Do you have any more tips? Or a tip that works especially well for you? Please feel free to share them with us! We hope these little tips will help you on your journey.

And always remember: even if you've had a bad night, there will come a time when you'll have your nights to yourself again! This is all temporary! Happy sleeping 🖤