Valentine's Day with kids

Can you smell it? The chocolates, the roses, the fluffy teddy bears and the dark red wine! It's the day of love, something we should celebrate every day of the year - but this one in particular is often celebrated with some extra pampering, hugs and kisses!

So what makes it a little different this year? The obvious reason that no one wants to hear the name of is probably the Covid 19 virus. The second reason, maybe you're a new parent or nearing the end of your pregnancy :)

When you're young and in love, Valentine's Day somehow feels so special and magical, but once our precious little babies arrive, things seem a little less glamorous for mom and dad. When your kids are little, you probably don't have much time to yourself, or you're just exhausted.

Celebrating the little things in life is very important especially in such a crazy reality. We may not be able to celebrate like we used to, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate at all!

If you're pregnant, this is a beautiful time to embrace your partner and enjoy the quiet moments before the baby arrives. If you're new or first time parents, it's the perfect time to sit down and reflect on what you've just created in love. If your children are a little older, it's an opportunity to reflect on how far you've come and how love has shaped them into the incredibly beautiful kind little people they are today.

Whether you're someone who celebrates Valentine's Day or not, we just want to make sure you enjoy today and feel loved and appreciated while staying present in the moment. Here are 5 things you can do this Valentine's Day with your kids that are also covid-friendly.

Living Room Cinema

With or without your kids, this is always a winner. Take the biggest mattress in the house and move it to the living room to make sure everyone has enough comfortable space, pillows and blankets. You could even make a little tent for the kids to add to the excitement. Pick a family-friendly movie and a funny or romantic movie for mom and dad once the kids are asleep. Don't forget to stock up on the best snacks, a sneaky pizza and popcorn to make it the best night ever!

Picnic in the garden

If your kids are busy bees, there's nothing better than taking them outside. If you have a nice big garden and it's not too cold, lay out a big blanket or light a fire - put together some snacks and prepare some outdoor play activities to keep the kids busy while mum and dad relax and enjoy the moment and the fresh air. If it's too cold, you can always go with #1.

Scenic drive

Everyone loves a nice drive, with beautiful scenery! Little kids usually fall asleep pretty quickly, so mom and dad can have some time to themselves. Create a playlist of romantic songs or just your favorites, pack a basket of snacks and off you go. Keep an eye out for some rest stops where you can stop to explore and take some photos.

Romantic dinner at home

If you have parents who can watch the kids, or even if they are good sleepers and go to bed at a reasonable time, this one is for you. Go all out, and enjoy every minute of alone time. Put your phones away, catch up on things, and find out how your partner is really dealing with life and his/her new role as a parent. We often get distracted in our daily routines and forget to take time to just connect with each other. Wine, or no wine, good food, good music or movies - just enjoy the moment!

Game night

If your kids aren't home, make a list of fun or get-to-know-you games that you and your partner can play together. This is a great way to entertain yourself without the kids! If you have your kids at home and they are old enough, find some fun family games with drama or props to make them laugh and create some great memories!