Your pregnancy may have surprised you or you have dreamed about it since you were a little girl. The truth is that no one can really prepare you for it until you experience it yourself.

From an early age we are given a certain image of pregnancy. It seems like a magical and wonderful experience.

Unfortunately, that's not quite the case. Bringing a human into the world isn't always magical. It's hard work. It is exhausting. It's overwhelming.

And it's okay for you to feel those feelings, too.

Below we have compiled a list of 10 things that nobody really talks about. Things that are normal and should be talked about more often.

One thing we've all heard about is the "pregnancy glow." Yes, some women have crystal clear skin and shiny hair during pregnancy. However, many of us are waiting for that shine that may well never come in the end. But on the contrary.

We get acne, feel overweight, have hair loss and sometimes just feel gross... Don't worry if you're feeling this way, it's 100% normal for your body to change during this time!

And here's a reminder to you... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

After the positive pregnancy test, we are often expected to just be happy and in love with our pregnancy. You may feel guilty when feelings of insecurity, confusion, or stress arise. Feelings of anxiety are part of the process. You google every movement or symptom and worry that something might go wrong. Eventually you will take responsibility for a little human.

Change is scary, but you can do it! If at any moment you are very concerned, first take a deep breath and remember that you are never alone. Talk to someone about your thoughts and feelings and you will see that you will feel better afterwards. For every problem there will be a solution.

Yes it's right. The baby brain often walks into your life shortly after discovering pregnancy and sometimes it just won't go away, haha! You forget almost everything. Doing things that don't make any sense. Put the open milk in the cupboard. Lost the keys in the fridge? This is perfectly normal... I may be speaking from experience here.

Right now are you happy, crying one minute, angry tomorrow, upset in the afternoon? It's a never-ending roller coaster of emotions. From waking up to going to bed, you've probably experienced it all. But that's normal too.

More of an all-day sickness, right? If you're lucky enough to be blessed with that scary pregnancy symptom - "nausea" - you'll find that it's not just a morning thing. It can occur at any time of the day and can also be triggered by smells and tastes. It can also last longer than the first trimester.

But - everything can, but does not have to. Don't worry if you hear different things from everyone. You may end up doing well throughout and are spared the symptoms.

When we are in pain, we often rush to the Internet or even to the doctor. What we often don't mention is that we really often feel uncomfortable during pregnancy because we're afraid of looking weak. It is super important to have yourself and your baby checked regularly. It's also normal to feel aches and pains - especially when your body is changing, even in the early stages. Most often, this pain is found in the back, hips, pelvis, and feet.

Do you occasionally have the urge to deep clean and redecorate your entire house? Have you already repacked and rearranged the baby's room 100 times? This is called nest building. Something almost every expectant mother experiences during her pregnancy. It's just your body and mind's way of preparing you for what is to come.

As mothers, we are often under pressure for our bodies to recover just a few weeks or months after giving birth. Some women are lucky enough to lose their baby weight in just a few days, while others struggle for years.

But whether you lose your baby weight easily or not, your body is changing. Your hips get wider. What used to be abs can now be loose skin. Your body may be covered with scars that remind you of the miracle you just performed. No matter how big or small.

You will always meet people who want to touch your stomach. We've heard some really weird stories about people who think it's okay to just walk up to a mom and rub, shake, or even talk to her tummy. It's okay if you feel uncomfortable about others touching your pregnant belly. It's also okay if you don't mind.

However, don't feel guilty or rude if you don't want someone interfering in your affairs and especially your body. Politely ask him or her to take a step back and ask next time, please.

Prepare yourself for, "You shouldn't... drink this, eat that, do that, do that," etc. You'll be swamped by friends, family, and even strangers telling you what's good for you, your baby, or yours Pregnancy is and isn't.

Many things are obvious, e.g. B. that one should not drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. But there are also many other things that are just opinions and about which there is conflicting information. Educate yourself and be careful, but remember that in the end you alone decide what is good and bad for you and your baby.