Maybe you're pregnant and expecting your first baby. Or maybe you already have your baby in your arms. Maybe it's already a few years old. Being a mama and carrying new life inside your body is so incredible, but often leaves us feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about ourselves after birth. There is just so much change in such a short time.

Every woman is different in her own beautiful way, and pregnancy affects us all differently. Some women lose their baby weight in just a few months, while others struggle with it for years. As women, we should celebrate how unique each and every one of us are. It doesn't matter what body type you fall into because we all experience a drastic change in our bodies. It could be your stomach, your legs, your hips, your hair, your skin, or anything else that causes you to lose your self-confidence.

Today we want to remind you that creating life is magical. Give yourself a break and remember that you are doing something amazing. Yes, your body will change. You may not like what you see in this moment, or you may catch yourself comparing your body to others. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself because what you are doing is out of this world.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror this morning. Look at the little flaws you see in yourself and remind yourself how absolutely mind blowing your body actually is! You are incredibly strong, you have created so much and your body is beautiful just the way it is.Don't compare yourself to the next person. They are struggling with their own flaws too. Don't judge yourself. Tell yourself: "I am beautiful!", because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!