There's nothing nicer than making someone happy or surprising someone! To make this moment as special as possible, we have created a small list for you with creative ideas to announce your pregnancy ❤️

1. "As big as a blueberry"
This adorable idea is easy and quick to make and will definitely surprise him completely. Give him a small prepared box in which you hide either a pea or a blueberry, with the note that this is the size of your child.

2. Hidden message in coffee
Many online shops have breakfast mugs with the good news. Imagine you are sitting together at the breakfast table and after he has drunk his cup of coffee, he reads on the floor "We are having a baby", "You are going to be a dad" or "Two make three". He'll definitely make big eyes at that. Let's just hope that he doesn't choke on his coffee!

3. Photo shoot together: Pssst, you're going to be a dad!

The future dad won't be surprised when he looks at these pictures. Ask a friend to take pictures of you on an inconspicuous occasion. Then stand back-to-back with your partner and secretly hold up a sign for the camera that reads, "You're going to be a dad!" Of course you can also hold the pregnancy test or a pair of baby shoes in your hand. Either way, the daddy-to-be is bound to be very surprised.

4. Save the Date!
At the gynaecologist, you will be informed of the probable date of birth as soon as you receive the maternity pass. Get a calendar, place it in a conspicuous place and enter "Save the date" with lots of little hearts on the expected date of delivery. After you have announced the baby news, you can look forward to this great day together.

5. You will become grandparents!
Because for the announcement of your pregnancy you give away a guide, e.g. B. the "The Grandparents' Handbook" and sticks an ultrasound image on the front as a personal touch. Now your parents have nine months to look forward to the baby with you and at the same time to prepare for their new role.

6. Slide show with ultrasound image
Have you been on vacation recently? Or at a special event? Then invite your parents to look at the photos. In between you then cheat an ultrasound picture under the other photos and announce the good news.

7. Family photo with a difference
Is your whole family getting together again soon? For a birthday? Or at Christmas? Take this moment and ask for a family photo. When everyone says "Cheese," you yell out "I'm pregnant." The best thing about it: You can capture the surprised faces directly with a souvenir photo.

8. Surprise Post
This idea is especially useful if your parents live further away and you don't want to wait until the next meeting to tell them. Scratch cards (also known as scratch cards) can be scratched up like scratch tickets - the prize is the great news of soon being grandma and grandpa! You can buy these cards in many online shops.