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Du möchtest deiner Tochter, Schwester oder einer lieben Freundin ein tolles Geschenk machen? Lass doch den oder die Beschenkte die Farbe und das Modell aussuchen!

Es sind verschiedene Gutscheine ab 25€ erhältlich.

Direkt nach der Bezahlung erhältst du den Gutschein über die von dir bestimmte Höhe als Link per E-Mail. Diesen kannst du ausdrucken oder als PDF speichern und versenden. Der auf dem Gutschein eingegebene Code kann dann von der bzw. dem Beschenkten einfach bei der Bestellung angegeben werden. 

Außerdem erhältst du eine edle Geschenkkarte per Post, die du an deine Liebste/deinen Liebsten überreichen kannst. Viel Spaß beim Verschenken 🖤

The waist belt of the Rookie sits higher than on many other carriers. This means you can use the Rookie even if your baby was born via caesarean section.
All Rookies are "one-size-fits-all" baby carriers, which means that tall men and short women (or vice versa) can use the same carrier. Whether XS or XL - thanks to the adjustable waist belt, the carrier can be put on up to a waist circumference of approx. 115 cm.
Your baby should sit in the recommended squat-splay position, i.e. the legs are at minimum at a 90° angle and the back is slightly rounded. This supports the healthy development of your child's spine and muscles. The adjustable bar (10-40cm) allows the carrier to be adjusted to the size of your child: the bar should always be adjusted so that it runs from the back of the one knee to the back of the other knee. The head can be additionally fixed with a head support. The Rookie has been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-friendly baby carrier.
Carrying it while facing forward is not recommended by experts, as the squatting, spread posture is not always guaranteed. This is of great importance for the development of the baby's spine. When carried facing forward, the legs are stretched, which can affect the baby's soft hip joints. Another reason is the lack of eye contact with the mother or father. The babies are therefore unable to recognise facial and verbal feedback, which is a primary basis for communication, especially for babies.

✓ Quick to put on and take off: Simply put your child down when they have fallen asleep (here you can find a few tips).

✓ Easy change from mum to dad.

✓ Extremely safe: meets the European safety standard for baby carriers: EN 13209-2:2015)

✓ Super comfortable: Fits perfectly to your body size (up to 115 cm waist)

Which Baby Carrier is the Right one for me?

Are you not sure which Rookie carrier is the right one for you? Then read here about the difference between the Rookie Konnekt, Premium, Affinity and Revolution


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