Your baby is as big as a...

Hey mama,

Your little baby grows and changes at the speed of light and often we don't even realise how incredibly fast the growth process is. Also how absolutely magical we are as women and what our bodies are actually capable of.

We've put together some milestones in your baby's development to give you an idea of how big your baby is in your tummy right now.

MONTH 1 (WEEK 1-4)
Your baby is now the size of a poppy seed.

What to expect: The beginning of your incredible journey begins. Many women don't feel anything at this stage, but you may experience early signs like tender breasts, mood swings, cramps, and implantation bleeding, which are very similar to normal PMS symptoms. Your body is preparing for the next 8 months. In most cases, these symptoms are completely normal.

MONTH 2 (WEEK 5-8)
Your baby is now the size of a raspberry

What to Expect: Your baby will begin to develop a small nose, mouth, and ears. Some organs also develop during this month. One thing most women experience at this stage is nausea, which often falls between the 4th and 9th week. You may also experience an aversion to certain foods or cravings. Some smells that you may have loved can be among the worst you've ever smelled.

Heartburn, indigestion, bloating, and constipation can also occur due to hormonal changes in your body. Be patient with yourself and always remember that raising a little person is exhausting. It's okay if you feel tired and your emotions get mixed up.

MONTH 3 (WEEK 9-13)
Your baby will grow from the size of a cherry at week 9 to the size of a lemon at week 13 (how amazing, right?!)

What to expect: Hello tiny fingers and toes. This month is all about growth and bone formation, including the little boy or girl parts, so it's only a matter of time before you can see what gender your little one will be. The second trimester of pregnancy is upon us, and if you've been experiencing severe nausea or other pregnancy symptoms, these may begin to subside by the end of this month. Fatigue and constipation are most likely still present. Due to the increased melanin production, skin changes can also occur. These include dark spots on the face, the vertical dark line on the abdomen, and dark-colored nipples. Your breasts are also preparing for milk production, which will also lead to some changes.

Brace yourself future mom - the second trimester is on its way and many say it's the best of the three trimesters.