2020 - WHAT A YEAR!

2020 - What a year!

For many of us, it's been a year of uncertainty and big change. Being and becoming a mom in one of the world's largest pandemics has turned so many things upside down. If you were a first time mom, you may have had to deliver your baby alone because your beloved partner couldn't be with you and hold your hand due to Covid-19 regulations. If you are pregnant - chances are you couldn't throw a big baby shower like you had wished for. You most likely spent most of your pregnancy or postpartum journey at home without seeing your friends or family for comfort or help. We know you have missed a lot of experiences and adventures you dreamed of having after you gave birth.

Being a mom at home wasn't always easy either. Long hours and days of just being home with our little ones, with very limited options to entertain and keep them busy or even just to let them explore outdoors. Even though we were blessed with special quality family time with our kids, we can admit that at times it was also really challenging.

Certainly, we can all agree that this year has been different than most... Especially as a mom - the restrictions of Covid-19 have presented us with completely new challenges.

This year has challenged us as parents. We have had to learn patience and understanding. We have had to show a higher level of compassion and kindness. It has been a year of learning and appreciating the little things. 

Despite 2020 being a little messy - it also somehow made us stronger than ever, didn't it? We learned to be present, to adapt, and to appreciate family more than ever. We were reminded of the little things that really matter in life. And honestly, isn't the most wonderful thing to give our little ones so much of our time and watch them grow up?

The year 2020 took a lot out of us, but at the same time gave us so much. You did it mama, you made it through the challenges and you are ready to tackle the new year with true supermom powers! Be proud of how far you've come. Be proud of how much you've gotten through this past year. Being a mom is never easy, but it's in the tough times that we show our true strength! Cheers to you, cheers to a new chapter and to getting through it again and again! May 2021 bring you and your family an abundance of success, joy and happiness!