4 CHRISTMAS IDEAS FOR A MOM-TO-BE | Absolute must haves for your parenting journey

 Christmas is around the corner and if you’re wondering what to buy your best friend, sister or partner who is a mama or a mama-to-be, we have got you covered!

Here are 4 products that are absolute game changers for any mom! 

The Konnekt baby carrier

Baby carrying is the best thing you never knew you needed. It really gives mom the opportunity to do things for herself while keeping her baby happy and even giving dad the opportunity to bond with the baby too. This perfect ultimate all-round baby carrier. Made with the utmost love and passion, this carrier is completely versatile from those very first days to those very first steps. This carrier can be worn on your chest and your back. With or without the waist belt. In X or H fastening on the back and has a new born adjustment.

The Rookie Backpack which is also a diaper bag

Having a beautiful, stylish and minimalistic bag that supports you with everything you need in motherhood is just amazing! No need for these gigantic and bulky overnight bags, when you have the Rookie backpack. It’s a bag for moms and babies, during and after the baby stages. 11 hidden pockets. Storage for your phone and laptop, including the normal baby necessities like bottles, wipes etc. It even comes with stroller clips, a variety of wearing options and a changing mat! 

Winter Covers

These are literally the most beautiful winter covers we have ever seen! I feel like they are actually more of an accessory that really compliments your outfit! No need to over dress mom or baby during the cooler months. Just pop these covers over your carrier and baby will be cozy and warm while mom is left looking and feeling amazing! 

Teething pads / Shoulder protectors

How often do you end up washing your carrier? Babies that are teething especially drool non-stop! Or maybe even spit up a bit of milk and often it’s within this region of the carrier. Instead of washing the entire carrier, pop these handy little sucking pads onto the shoulder straps and you can literally just remove them and wash them separately. And I’m sure we can agree, any piece of washing saved is appreciated! 

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