Especially in the beginning there are many things you need for your baby. You will certainly ask yourself whether a pram or a baby carrier is the right thing for you? This article will help you decide.


A special connection

Carrying your baby is something very special. Many mothers express their feelings of carrying their baby something they don't want to let go of very soon. It feels unique to carry your own baby and to feel the close proximity. Carrying mothers also often describe their everyday life as simpler and more practical.


Healthy development

Babies are born to be carried. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that babies automatically adopt the so-called squat position as soon as they are lifted. In the squat position, the knees are spread up and the thighs are spread at a 90 degree angle. This position is also called the M-position.

The rounded back is also a sign that small children can be carried ideally. When carried in a baby carrier, the back is strengthened, which further develops the double-S shape of the back.

Motor and cognitive development

Studies show that children who are carried develop better motor and cognitive skills than those who lie down a lot. Because when babies are carried, they see much more of the environment and what is happening around them. Through the many stimuli, the brain is extra stimulated and promotes motor and cognitive development.

Motorische Entwicklung


Many babies fall asleep pretty quickly in a baby carrier, because being carried gives them a safe and protected feeling. The little ones are cuddled up very close to mom or dad and can follow their movements. This creates a feeling of security and strengthens the bond between parents and child. Compared to the pram, the baby is much closer to you and you can better perceive and address your child's needs.

Simpler everyday life

On the train, in the supermarket or in the hallway - everywhere you go it's cramped with a pram. Carrying your baby makes pram obstacles a thing of the past. Even everyday life with several children is easier with two hands.


  • Special wearing comfort: for mom, dad and child
  • Stronger bond: the baby is close to mom or dad. This creates security and strengthens the bond
  • Healthy development: the hip joint and the back are supported by the ergonomic squat-splay posture
  • Respond better: Parents can more easily perceive and address the needs of their child
  • Crying less: Studies have shown that carried babies cry less
  • Stroller obstacles compared: Stairs, train and so on do not cause any problems. Even everyday life with more children is easier with two hands.