"And just like that it’s here - the 4th trimester.

Your little angel has spent 9 long months being safe, protected and comforted in your womb, listening to the sound of your heart beat. And just like that, they have this dramatic entry into the big big world. The sounds, the voices, the bright lights, the feelings, the smells & the craziness of life hits them right in that moment. Can you imagine that transition?

No wonder they want to be in our arms 24/7. I think we would do exactly the same. Our babies need us to comfort them and protect them. It’s in our human nature to be close and to nurture.

Carrying your baby is pure love. That heart to heart connection. That feeling of security, knowing their mama or papa are right there no matter what. How much quicker and easier is it to understand your little one and attend to their needs when they are right under your nose. Ever wondered why your baby cries less in the carrier, and sleeps more? It’s because it’s pure bliss for them.

The benefits of baby-wearing are endless really. It has been proven that wearing your baby can assist in their development - especially premature babies who need some extra love and time. It helps babies with relieving colic symptoms related to pain and gas, allowing your baby to sit in an upright position. By wearing your baby you are exposing them to the world through your eyes - giving them the opportunity to increase their social and cognitive ability too. Besides the hundreds of other physical benefits. There are incredible mental benefits in baby-wearing for both mom, dad, baby and other family members too.

Allowing parents to have their hands free, and focus on their own mental and physical needs, to-do lists and mental health while also giving everyone that is not “mommy” an opportunity to bond and connect with the newest addition in the family. 

We underestimate the effect the 4th trimester has on dads too. It can be an extremely overwhelming and challenging time adjusting to their new partner too. Allowing dad the beautiful opportunity to wear his little angel next to his heart is the best way for them to bond, and to give mom some time to herself too.

Baby-wearing is more than just carrying your baby. It’s supporting them and easing their transition into the world as gentle and loving as possible. By carrying your baby you are teaching them trust and connection. Showing them that the world can be overwhelming, but you will always be right there to guide them through it.

What a magical, beautiful act. Connecting with love. Carrying with love. We are all Rookies when we start this incredible journey, and if carrying our babies is what gives us all more confidence, peace and happiness - let’s carry them a little longer!


With love,

Bianca ❤️"

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