Babywearing has been around for decades! During International Babywearing week we are given the opportunity to celebrate this amazing act all over the world and raise awareness surrounding the benefits of carrying your baby and how to do it in the most comfortable and ergonomically correct way!

Parents have been carrying their babies for ages because of the many incredible benefits that come along with Babywearing. It has been proven that babies that are carried and held close to their parents for a few hours a day will cry much less in the evening and be much more relaxed.

Here are some of the most important advantages of carrying your baby:

  • Healthy babies: When babies are born into the big world, it can often be an overwhelming time for them, especially if they are born prematurely. Research shows that by wearing your baby they are able to hear your heartbeat and feel your breathing, which stimulates their own physical response.
  • Easy to attend to: By having your baby close to you, you are easily able to see and understand your child's facial expressions when they are hungry, tired or need special attention. This often prevents them from crying when they need something and is a more positive way to connect and communicate with them. This also reduces the stress of the parent.
  • A bonding tool for dad: Often in the early days after the birth of your baby - fathers often feel a little bit excluded because a mama is needed for breastfeeding etc. When fathers carry their babies, babies are able to connect on a deeper level by feeling their warmth, listening to the beat of their heart and making direct eye contact. It also gives the mommy time to rest.
  • Comfortable: The right carrier will bring comfort and relief to you and your baby. It takes the pressure off your back and leaves your hands free to carry on with your daily tasks.
  • For digestion: Carrying your baby in an upright position helps with digestion and gas - this is especially important for babies who suffer from colic or reflux.
  • Helps development: Neural development, early speech development and even sensory motor skills are improved by carrying your baby.
  • General feeling of happiness: It is said that carrying your baby not only provides comfort, peace and a feeling of security and safety for them, but also helps prevent postpartum depression and anxiety for mom. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

We at Rookie truly believe that carrying your baby is the best way to strengthen your bond as a family and create a real connection with your little darling. To make the first few weeks up to toddlerhood as easy and stress-free as possible.

A baby should adapt to your life and your passions. If you want to travel the world, take them with you! Our Rookie baby carriers are quick and easy to put on, compact and easy to travel with and perfect for both mom and dad.

Simplicity, ergonomics and sustainability are three things we strive for at Rookie. Learn more about our carriers and our awards at

Happy baby wearing! Thanks for all your love and support!