#LoveYourselfFirst 💕

Becoming a mother or father is such a beautiful thing. However, we always tend to give ALL our love and energy to our kids that we forget about ourselves, and even our partners. 

Every day should be a day of love, but today especially we want to remind you to LOVE YOURSELF. 

There is no way to fully love and give if we are always pouring from an empty cup. Taking time for yourself, but also for your partner is so important after becoming parents. We tend to lose ourselves a bit trying to keep our little humans alive and healthy. We tend to feel guilty when we ask for help, but it is so necessary.

We need to normalise “me time”. Every single parent deserves and requires time to do something they really love! We all adore our babies, but there are still parts of us that need to be nurtured outside of being parents.

When last did you do something for you? When last did you look in mirror and think “I love you”? How often do you take time to be present with yourself and your current state? Do you have a hobby where you can feel good about yourself? Do you find time to be alone with your partner like the old days? Do you ever have alone time?

I can guarantee that most of us would answer “it’s been a while” or “never”. This is probably because you are an incredible parent! However, being an amazing parent does not mean you cannot find time to LOVE YOURSELF.

Below are some tips and ideas to make sure you can be the best version of yourself, and feel the best you can feel to be able to give it all to your family like you do every day! 

-Set aside at least one day a week where you have time to do something YOU love. It could be yoga, sports, painting etc.
-Make at least 30 mins a day to meditate, breathe or drink a cup of coffee in peace. Whatever makes you happy and feel rested and alive.
-Ask someone to take care of the kids at least once a month and make date night a tradition! Weekly would be even better. Your partner misses you as much as you miss them!
-Love yourself. Love who you have become. Love your new body. Love that life has changed. This was your destiny, and you are amazing at what you are doing!

Happy day of love & a big hug,