Becoming a parent is such an adventure. When I welcomed my first child into my life, I was filled with ambition and good intentions. I had concocted a list of 10 great resolutions that I swore to myself. But let's be honest, the reality of motherhood is quite different. Here are my 10 unrealistic motherhood resolutions.

1. Establish a real sleep routine
I started with a bang, scrupulously noting my baby's nap times. But soon, sleepless nights and surprise awakenings made me realize that “the perfect sleep routine” doesn't exist. At this point, I'm just happy to be sleeping in bed with my partner again!

2. Healthy eating: homemade for the whole family
I had imagined myself as a model mother, making balanced meals for my baby and myself because I love to cook. But between the baby's little fits of tears and mine (sometimes in despair), the cakes and pizzas quickly took over the celeriac purees.

3. No toys or baby and child equipment in the living room
Today my living room looks like a kind of playroom / crèche / nursery…

4. Never blackmail my children
Who doesn't invoke the dessert to finish the mash...

5. Always be super organized
Because the rigorous organization saves time. I had planned meticulously detailed schedules for each day. Reality? An unpredictable baby, overflowing diapers, and me, in “where did I put my coffee?” mode.

6. Take time for myself every day
I managed to take a few minutes for me... in my dreams! Between feedings, diaper changes, and comforting hugs, I've learned to appreciate every moment of quiet quietness, even if it only lasts a few seconds.

7. No child in my bed
Forgotten the moment I left the maternity ward.

8. Exercise regularly and directly after childbirth
Yes, I managed to do some yoga moves...once with my baby perched on my belly. It's a kind of "duo yoga", which I saw on Insta...

9. Limit screen time NO screen time
Screens have become my best friends, or rather, baby's best friends. Cartoons are our allies to calm the tears and give me a little break. I don't think I'll become that kind of parent. Limitation is my daily fight...

10. Keep a social life to get away from it all
Socializing is for people who don't wear pajamas at 4 p.m. I didn't take responsibility for the dark circles and fatigue on my body in public after giving birth. But hey, I managed to invite some friends over, and they were very understanding of the smell of diapers and the new decoration... And it feels good!

In short, motherhood is full of surprises and challenges, but also hilarious moments and intense happiness. So, yes, I didn't keep all my resolutions, but I learned to appreciate every moment with my baby, even in moments of total chaos. Maybe I'll never be the perfect mum, but I'm convinced that I'm exactly the mum my baby needs, and that's what matters most. So, to all the young moms who have made impossible resolutions to keep, I say to you: don't worry, you are already a great mom, resolutions or not!