Rookie goes Sylt!

When Rookie was mentioned several times on this group picture on Instagram, it was clear to us: we have to meet them!

Met at the birth preparation course

The expectant mothers at that time got to know each other during their birth preparation course and grew close together. When their children were born one after the other, they all decided to use the Rookie Baby Carrier. "It started with Meike ordering a rookie carrier. When I went to visit her in the afternoon, I tried the carrier on myself. I liked it so much that I ordered one. And so it went on one by one. Meike infected us all with her enthusiasm" says one of the girls.

Each of them has chosen a different colour or model. "But that was more of a coincidence," the girls say. "All the colours are so beautiful - the decision wasn't easy!".

Rookie visits the girls on Sylt

We soon realized that we did not want to miss this special group picture and wanted to meet the Mamas personally. So after a few days our Social Media Manager Sara had already organized everything and went to Sylt with Ben, the manager of Rookie, to meet the girls.

Thickly wrapped and equipped with the camera we started to shoot photos with the mamas. In Kampen, on the red cliff and on the beautiful beach of Sylt. And what should we say? - They were real professionals.

During the day we had a lot to laugh about, took great photos and warmed up in between with warm cocoa and cake.

Founder Ben also came

Managing Director Ben has also made this meeting a point of honour and has travelled to Sylt to meet the girls. "I am always very happy to see the rookie in action. Travelling to Sylt to get to know the group of these great women was also totally exciting for me. Of course we were all a bit excited at the beginning. But that quickly subsided and we had a super great day! We are still in contact and are looking forward to the next meeting soon".

A great day with a great group of Rookie Mamas. Thanks! #teamrookie