Dear community, moms, dads, team, friends and more,

It has been 5 years since ROOKIE was born – and what an incredible journey it has been! We feel extremely grateful to join so many new parents on their new paths as amazing mom and dads. That is what our hearts are beating for. 

Originally known for our beautiful yet functional, and easy to use baby carriers, our journey continued further on and we never stopped growing. In the past years, our designers never stopped thinking and tackling what products you are waiting for. We absolutely love and value your feedback. 

Growing up as a German brand from Berlin, we are now home in more than 7 countries. Without our amazing team, this would’ve never been possible. We are so extremely proud of everyone who has joined our family on this journey.

We aren’t just here to provide you with gorgeous and premium baby products for your everyday parenthood journey, but we want to be right there with you through it all! We are right here to guide you, cry with you, laugh with you and enjoy those beautiful moments with you too!

Today, on our 5th birthday, we want to celebrate this milestone with all of our customers, community, and team, to you for your trust, support and love over the years. It has been an incredible journey and we can’t believe we are getting to celebrate this special day! We never stopped dreaming, building and improving - we love being on this journey with you. It is honestly the most special feeling, we as moms and dads experience too.