We can all admit that life is a little crazy at times. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of juggling work, being a parent, normal everyday life and chores that need to be done 🧡

We forget how important a moment is, and how we will never be able to get these little moments back again. We tend to go through days, checking off things on our list and trying to make sure everyday runs perfectly, but in the process we are unknowingly missing out on the special memories right in front of us. 

Our babies are growing every single day. They are learning to roll over, crawl, stand up, walk, talk, eat, run and become their own little people. In a week from now they will already have changed so much. Their little feet will be bigger, their hair will be longer and they will most probably be doing something they could not do the previous week.

We know it can be exhausting, trying to juggle everything and still find time to really be in the moment with our kids. It feels like the days just fly by and at the blink of an eye it’s time for bed again. It’s easy to get lost in the motion of life, and let routine get the best of us.A moment of presence makes the world of difference in the lives of our children. A moment of true connection, free of technology and lack of full attention. Listen to their little voices, watch their little mouths move as they try to express themselves. The way their little noses crinkle up when they sneeze or the way their eyes glow and enlarge at the sight of something new. Switch off the world, just for a moment and be there with them. For that moment, make them the only important thing and they will feel it.

In a world that doesn’t stop, they need us to slow down for a minute. They need our full attention and love. And we probably need their refreshing little souls even more. No one ever looks back and regrets spending time with their kids. Before we know it, they will be out on their own in the big world - embrace every second. Hold them a little tighter. Cuddle them a little longer. Read one more book and tell them one more story. The rest of the world can wait 🧡