Hey mamas,

summer is here and let's be honest, some days can be uncomfortable with a baby on your chest! Not only for you, but also for your baby. Many parents have questions about if and how to carry their baby in warm temperatures right now. Because summer is holiday time, the first trip with your little one is coming up and a baby carrier is not to be left behind.

But how can I wear my baby in the most comfortable way in warm temperatures and avoid sweating?

We have compiled 7 helpful tips below, so that it is comfortable for both you and your child. So we don't have to do without our beloved stretcher in summer.

1. Light fabric

A carrier with a light and breathable fabric is perfect for summer days. Because the Rookie carrier is made of a cotton/linen blend, you benefit from excellent ventilation, elasticity and stability. Perfect for the heat. What's more: the Rookie Revolution has a very special feature for the summer, because you are able to remove the waist belt. This makes the carrier even more compact, lighter and breathable.

2. Ring slings are great for the heat

Ring Slings are ideal for the summer due to the light material. The sling is a piece of material which is not like a normal baby carrier. The Rookie Ring Sling is made of a finely woven jacquard fabric, which is especially soft and breathable.

3. Do not overdress

Wear comfortable, breathable and lightweight clothing for you and your baby. The best fabrics for hot weather are cotton, linen and rayon. Do not wear thick and multi-layer clothes. In this way you avoid that both you and your baby get too warm.

4. Drink, drink, drink

Drinks a lot to stay hydrated. On hot summer days, it is probably most important to drink plenty of water and make sure your child gets enough fluids.

5. Use sun protection

Avoid direct contact with the sun if possible and look for a nice shady place. If you should be exposed to the blazing sun, protect yourself and your baby with a sun hat and sun cream with UV protection. All Rookie baby carriers have an integrated sunscreen that provides optimal protection when needed, while still allowing enough air circulation.

6. Avoid skin contact

Avoid direct skin contact if possible. A thin cloth between you and your baby can prevent direct heat transfer.

7. Position of your baby

If your child is a little older, you are able to wear them on your back. For example with the Rookie Revolution. There you can also remove the waist belt, so that it is super airy for both of you. For smaller babies who cannot hold their heads, we recommend carrying it on the front of the chest.

We hope that these tips will help you have a great summer with your stretcher. You have more tips? Then bring them here and share them with us!