We asked a few of our Rookie Mamas what the strangest thing was that they did when nesting...

Carla :"Hmmm I would say, building the baby bed 3 different times. Rearranging the furniture. And rewashing the clothes multiple times for no reason. Women love to prep physically, so buying products etc like a store will never be open again once the baby is here haha having the bed next to your bed even though you still have months to go before the baby actually comes"

Bianca: "Hahahahaha I rearrange and reorder my entire house every second day. Literally like cupboards and everything. and I keep changing the set up for the baby"

Laura: "I moved from Innsbruck in Austria to Munich 3 weeks before delivery to be near family and friends. Not crazy but quite hectic haha"

Nesting, that beautiful ritual of expectant mothers, is an emotional journey like no other. It's a time when love, dreams, and instincts collide in a symphony of preparation for the little one soon to arrive.

The heart of nesting resides in the nursery, where colours, cribs, and plush toys become vessels for our boundless love. Every detail holds immense significance, from the softest blankets to tiny onesies - each stitched with threads of dreams and hope.

Nesting extends to every corner of our home. The kitchen becomes a place of nourishment, and the living room is adorned with family photographs and books, creating an environment of love and learning.

Some common signs of nesting during pregnancy include:

  • A sudden urge to clean and organise your home, including scrubbing floors, washing windows, and organising closets
  • The desire to decorate and prepare the nursery for the baby, paint the walls, buy furniture and sort out the baby's initial equipment
  • Increased attention to personal hygiene, including washing clothes and bedding, frequent showering or bathing, and more frequent personal hygiene
  • The urge to stockpile supplies and of course get diapers, wipes and baby clothes

Nesting is not just about the physical space; it's a journey of love and preparation, filled with highs, lows, laughter, and tears. It's a testament to the incredible love an expectant mother holds in her heart, crafting a nurturing haven for her child.

As I embark on this journey, I realise that nesting is the most beautiful symphony of the heart and soul, sung by the most incredible orchestra in the world - the heart of a mother.

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