Trending Baby Names in the Netherlands for 2024

Every year, the anticipation of naming a newborn sparks curiosity and excitement. In the Netherlands, this tradition is not just about choosing a name but also reflects the cultural trends and preferences of the moment. As we venture into 2024, the landscape of baby names in the country is vibrant, blending cherished classics with fresh, innovative choices.

Embracing Tradition

While some things change, others remain constant. The perennial favorites—Noah, Emma, and Lucas—continue to reign supreme in 2024, showcasing their unwavering popularity. However, for those seeking something more unique and deeply rooted in Dutch heritage, a resurgence of traditional names like Ties, Guus, and Fien is making its mark. These names evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride, echoing the rich cultural tapestry of the Netherlands.

The Rise of Short and Sweet

Short names are having their moment this year, with eight out of ten names in the top ten containing four letters or fewer. This preference for brevity reflects a contemporary trend towards simplicity and elegance. Among these concise monikers, Emily and Sophie stand out as exceptions, holding their own in the list of favorites despite their longer syllables.

Newcomers and Rapid Risers

In the dynamic world of baby names, there's always room for fresh faces. Emily's swift ascent from the 33rd position in 2023 to the fifth spot in 2024 is noteworthy, signifying its growing appeal. Alongside Emily, newcomers Luna, Evi, Boaz, and Lars have secured places within the coveted top 50, bringing a blend of modernity and distinctiveness to the roster.

Notable Shifts and Declines

While some names soar, others experience fluctuations. Max, despite its previous prominence, has descended significantly by 65 places, surprising many considering Max Verstappen's successes. Liv and Tess, once high on the charts, have also witnessed shifts in their rankings. However, perennial favorites like Finn and Luca maintain their popularity, showcasing resilience in the ever-changing landscape of baby names.

Beyond Borders: English Influence

Amidst the resurgence of traditional Dutch names, English names maintain a strong presence, with twenty names of British origin gracing the top 100 list. This fusion of cultures highlights the global influence and openness that define modern naming trends in the Netherlands.

Exploring Regional Trends

The fascination with baby names extends beyond the national list. Exploring regional preferences provides intriguing insights into localized trends and cultural influences. Discovering which names resonate most in each province adds another layer of fascination to this annual tradition.

Here are the top 3 names per province:

Province Name 1 Name 2 Name 3


Jason Noor
Flevoland Mess Sophie Stella
Friesland Freya Niek Lieke
Gelderland Lucas Sem Julia
Groningen Liam Noud Luuk
Limburg Mila Noé Bodhi
Noord-Brabant Milou James Liam
Noord-Holland Mason James Milan
Overijssel Yara Bram Finn
Utrecht Mees Lynn Lieke
Zeeland Zoë Yara Liva
Zuid-Holland Noah Luuk Bhajan


In conclusion, the landscape of baby names in the Netherlands for 2024 is a beautiful blend of tradition, innovation, and cultural diversity. As parents navigate the plethora of choices, the significance of selecting a name goes beyond mere words—it's a reflection of heritage, aspirations, and the ever-evolving tapestry of society. Whether embracing timeless classics or opting for avant-garde choices, the journey of naming a child remains a cherished chapter in every family's story.