Why self-care is essential for mothers

Dear mama,

I would like to talk to you today about a topic that is often overlooked, even though it is of the utmost importance - the topic of self-care. As a mother, you put so much love and energy into your family every day that you often ignore your own needs. But let me assure you: You have the right to take care of yourself as well as your children and those around you. In this blog post we will find out together why mindfulness is so, so important for yourself as a mother and how you can integrate it into your everyday life.


Being a mother can make you lose yourself. Between changing diapers, organizing the way to school and constantly looking at your children's needs, we often forget that we also have needs ourselves. But self-care is far from selfish. On the contrary: it forms the foundation for a healthy and happy family.

1. You are the heart of the family: Moms are often the emotional center of a family. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, your children and your partner will also feel it. Take time for yourself so that you can continue to treat them calmly and lovingly.

2. Health is a priority: If you neglect your own health, you risk physical and mental exhaustion. Your health is crucial to being there for your family. Don't put this at risk because a healthy mom is needed!

3. Be a role model: Your children learn by your example. When they see you making time for self-care, they understand the importance of respecting and caring for themselves. It can e.g. B. also help your children learn to spend time with themselves and appreciate it!


1. Make time for yourself: Schedule regular time for yourself, be it a relaxing bath, a refreshing walk, reading a book or simply a moment of reflection. If you have a strong partner by your side, they will definitely support you! But grandparents or friends can also be a great help - you don't have to do everything alone.

2. Set priorities: Learn to say “no” and set priorities. You don't have to accept every invitation or always be available to everyone. Put your cell phone aside in the evening when the little ones are sleeping and consciously reflect on yourself: What is good for me? What's not good for me? What am I feeling like right now?

3. Build a self-care network: You can build a network of other moms or parents who share similar challenges. Sharing experiences and support among like-minded people can encourage you, give each other advice and strengthen each other. Be it in the form of face-to-face meetings, online forums or social media groups: it should be a place where you feel understood and supported.

4. Healthy diet and exercise: Take care of your health by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. This can be a run in the morning, an intensive workout in the gym or a short walk in the evening - a healthy mom is a happy mom.

5. Practice mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness can help you live in the here and now and reduce stress. Use short moments of mindfulness for meditation, deep breathing or simple relaxation exercises. This will help you find your inner balance and reduce stress. There are many different relaxation techniques such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training that can help you find peace.

6. Cultivate hobbies: Remember the things that bring you joy: painting, music, gardening, crafts or cooking. These hobbies are an important part of your identity! Don't lose sight of them!

Self-care is not a choice but a necessity for mothers. You are valuable and you deserve to be happy and healthy. By taking care of yourself, you not only strengthen your own resilience, but also that of your family. So, dear mom, give yourself the time and love you deserve. You're worth it!

With love, 

Your ROOKIE moms 💌