Being pregnant is a challenge. Birth is exhilarating. The father role so important. Raising children is difficult. We often tend to get lost in chaos or sometimes even forget who WE really are. But our little ones are so valuable.

In this blog post we don't mince words. We want to address things that nobody talks about often. Pressure, fear, insecurity - feelings and truths that we need to bring forward in our social world. We want YOU to feel the emotion and love and remember the uniqueness of your journey as a parent.

From the beginning of your journey to the end. We see you. we feel with you we understand you You're unbelievable. You are loved. You are important.

Here is your message for you. For each and every one of you.

For the moms and dads-to-be who have tried and are still trying to conceive. It's frustrating waiting for miracles and trying again and again without success - We know that sometimes you feel hopeless or disappointed. We feel for you and your partner and we want you to know that YOU are not alone and your moment will come and you will hold your sweetheart in your arms - you will look back and see that your journey was so incredibly worthwhile! You deserve to be happy - and you will be.♥️

To the pregnant mom-to-be. We know you're tired. We know that your everyday life has changed and that you have to do without a lot. We know your feet hurt and you miss sleeping on your stomach. We know your body goes through so many changes that you may feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Take a moment and pause. Do you actually know what you are actually doing right now? Life! You are amazing and doing something magical. It's perfectly fine to rest and do nothing and just relax. You're beautiful. Your body does what it needs. And it will settle back into your rhythm after the birth. Don't worry - everything will be fine.

For the parents of a newborn. We feel for you! We know that you are tired and that your life has just undergone a massive change. We know that you are dealing with things that you have never dealt with. You are learning, changing and growing by the minute. We know that all the changes can be very overwhelming and can even put pressure on your relationship. We want to remind you that it was LOVE that brought you here. It was love that created this little miracle that lies ahead of you - and it will be love that will get you through any difficult situations. This moment is not permanent, enjoy it and be there now. You are strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Your baby needs you. You are his home now - your partner is by your side and you will always have his shoulder - no matter what.

For the father who feels desperate and overwhelmed. We know it can be scary knowing there will be another human being to take care of. We know that seeing your partner in pain and emotion during pregnancy can be difficult. We know that sometimes you feel hopeless and anxious. Especially at birth. We want YOU to know that everything will be okay. You will be a great father and you are everything your family needs - you are the anchor of the family. We know that you may feel left out or neglected during the first few weeks or months. But give yourself time to settle into your new rhythm as a family and find your routines. Remember the special thing that brought you here - to your little miracle!

To the parents who are afraid. Bringing new life into the world is not for the faint of heart. You renounce things that you love. You will really miss your sleep. You will become the most selfless version of yourself. But you will be great in your new role. You will be great as parents because you are perfect just the way you are. You will do an incredible job and your hard work, amazing dedication and strong will - to be the best parents to your sweetheart - will be noticed and appreciated.

To the couples trying to adopt a child. Fear and uncertainty are part of this journey, just like any expectant parent. We are so proud of you for taking this step and tirelessly showing yourselves. You guys are such a great, strong couple. Your combined will and love to give to a child will be rewarded. You make a difference, you change the world and you are a true inspiration! We know you will find your little perfect life companion and if you have already found your sweetheart, we wish you the most incredible journey as a family. You can do everything together! ❣

To the same-sex couples who face judgments and challenges on a daily basis. you are heroes Role models we need to grow in this world. Sometimes it can be frustrating to be asked questions or looked at weirdly. We know you may face other, even more difficult challenges when it comes to adoption or assisted reproduction. But your courage is what drives us forward. You inspire others and we know you are strong enough, alles to overcome. You are a wonderful couple. When you follow your heart and do what feels right - always remember: love will always win.

To the parent raising their child alone. Being a single parent is quite possibly the hardest responsibility in the world. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to have to shoulder everything yourself. You are doing an incredible job and we see you. We see all your hard work, sleepless nights, your fears and worries - we share your stress and we have the utmost respect for you. You are always there for your child and so strong that you do everything on your own. They say it takes a village to raise a child, which makes you a true superhero as a single parent!

To those we haven't mentioned. You are no less important. We could go on forever acknowledging and cherishing every part of the parenting journey, each journey can be so different - but the end result is the same. To those who are willing to take on the responsibility of bringing life into the world to raise strong and compassionate children who will one day be the change. To those who are willing to change things in life they love, to give their all for the future and to learn the true meaning of selflessness, unconditional love and patience. For anyone reading this:



Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for including us in the most magical journey of your life.

Your team Rookie ♥️