Let's face it, there are hundreds of baby carriers on the market. How do you know you are choosing the right one? There are many things to look for in a carrier, but how do we know what is REALLY important and what we should avoid? Watch the following video for step-by-step instructions or read the blog post below where we will share the five most common mistakes parents make when choosing their perfect baby wearing companion!

Don't fall into these traps:

1. It's a danger to your babies health

Ergonomic adjustments are functions on the carrier to ensure that you and your baby are as comfortable as possible while your baby is sitting in a hip-friendly position. Your baby's legs should fall into a natural M-shape position to prevent any form of hip hip dysplasia. (when the bones of the hip joint are not aligned properly).

Make sure that your chosen baby carrier has the international hip dysplasia certification. If your baby carrier cannot be adapted to your comfort or as your baby grows, by adjusting the straps, panel width between the babies legs, fitting behind the babies knees and more then it may not be the healthiest choice for both of you.

2. It causes you back pain or any discomfort

Of course you want what's best for your baby. However, what happens if your baby likes the baby carrier but your back doesn't? A baby carrier is an essential item that is used regularly and often for hours at a time.

If your baby carrier does not distribute the weight of your baby evenly over your shoulders, and causes you any back or neck pain, you will most likely not be making the utmost use of it. It is really important that both you and your baby feel comfortable.

3. It has too many functions

Many parents and soon to be parents compare and choose their carrier based on the amount of functions and features it has. They often forget that the importance is not if a product is able to do something, but that it can do it well. Picking up a baby carrier with multiple different wearing positions that can be worn from birth up until the child is four years old, will most likely not excel at any of it's functions.

4. It's too complicated

-It's too complicated (too many straps and buckles for adjustments). You should easily be able to put the carrier on and take it off without assistance.

-It takes ages to put on. If you are taking longer than 2-3 minutes to put your baby carrier on or have trouble doing it by yourself, it's not making your life as easy as it should be.

-It's difficult to switch from you to your partner. With many carriers, you will find that one parent will carry the child for hours without swopping over to the other due to it being too much of a hassle with all the straps and buckles.

5. Underestimate the value that it will play in your life

Sounds ridiculous, right? If you have a baby, chances are you'll be spending multiple hours a day wearing your carrier. What other item do you use multiple hours a day? For this very reason it makes sense to choose the product you want from the bottom of your heart, as you will be spending most of your day wearing it.

Baby wearing was designed to keep your baby safe and happy while making your life as a parent easier. You should find great relief from back and arm strain, have extra time to get things done and simplify your daily activities.

If a baby carrier is not giving you this, it is possible that you may not have chosen the best option or you are possibly not wearing it correctly.

To find out if you are wearing the Rookie correctly, click HERE to watch our instructional videos.