It's almost winter! Not everyones favourite season with those rainy and cold days, but isn't it the perfect weather to cuddle up with our little ones? Our baby carriers are the perfect way to keep our babies close while enjoying the winter adventures 💙 And did you know: In comparison to using a baby stroller, when wearing your baby you are quickly able to attend to their needs and notice if they are getting to warm.

You might be asking yourself questions like, what should I wear? Are there things I should consider? To prevent your baby from getting cold or alternatively over- heating, we have compiled a few tips on how to make baby carrying comfortable and enjoyable in the winter months.

1. The correct clothing

Dress your child as warmly as you do yourself. Often light and less bulky clothing is ideal, because it has a temperature balancing effects and keeps your baby nice and warm without sweating. Keep in mind that the baby carrier acts as an additional layer for your little one. You can wear a coat or a thicker jacket according to the temperature which will add additional warmth to your baby too. 

A little tip: To check if your baby is too hot or too cold you can look at his/her neck. The neck area should not be sweaty, but also not too cold.

2. Layering

Long-sleeved baby grows and tights made of wool are the ideal base. Tip: If possible, choose stretchy baby grows and tights without closed feet. The reason for this is that your child's clothes are pulled up a little when they are in the baby carrier, so if the fabric is tight and has no elasticity, this can pull the heel up and be uncomfortable for your little one. On colder days you can also dress your child with sweaters, trousers and rompers. Fleece and wool overalls are also helpful. A hat and warm shoes or alternatively thick socks are helpful too.

During the winter season of baby wearing, always make sure that your baby's face and airways are always open and not covered with fabric.

3. Winter cover

A winter cover is probably the best investment, as well as the safest and easiest way to ensure that your baby is warm and protected from the wind. The cover is simply attached to the baby carrier and provides protection from the cold. Just like the Rookie winter cover you can find  HERE

4. Light baby carrier

The choice of a light and breathable baby carrier is advantageous for the winter to avoid additional weight and heat accumulation under the carrier. You do not need a thick, warm carrier to carry your child in winter. It all depends on the clothing. In this way you avoid overheating due to body heat.

5. Enough room to move

Your baby should not feel restricted of movement because of the clothing they are wearing. It is not good for them and can lead to restlessness or panic if he or she feels too constricted. So make sure that you either loosen up the baby carrier a bit or change the layers of clothing to ensure they are comfortable.

6. Moisturising 

A gentle and rich cream protects your babies skin from drying out. So if you take a break for a cup of coffee, put some cream on your baby's face before you put her back in the carrier.

We love baby carrying in winter! Not only will you easily and quickly be able to address your baby's needs, but you can also continue to be outdoors for Christmas shopping, winter walks and more.

Have a wonderful winter season and enjoy the cuddles 💙