Merry Christmas Rookie Family!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year!

But it can also be the most challenging. It’s the time of year when family is close, we get to share love, laughter and really good food together. Everything somehow tastes and smells even better during the festive season, don’t you think? Hot cocoa on a chilly day. Snuggled up under the covers with those kitchy Christmas songs playing in the background. We are so there for it all! 

This time of year can also bring some heartache. Especially for those who have lost dear loved ones - who cannot join in on all the festivities the end of the year brings! So it’s also a time of compassion and remembrance. 

It may be your first Christmas with your little one. Don’t you think it’s funny how our kids really urge us to go totally overboard during this season. We would just do anything to make sure they have the most beautiful and exciting Christmas experience possible. However, keep in mind that sometimes all our littles really need is our presence. Our undivided attention and time.

Overall, it's a time of love. A time of reflection. A time of giving and a time of sharing. During this time we wish you all an incredibly special time with your families. Take a moment to show gratitude for all the joyous and beautiful things, and people in your life. 

The year is not over yet, so make every second count! 

Merry Christmas Rookie family & thank you for all the love! 

We wish you a magical season filled with celebration and gratitude and we will see you again in the New Year <3 

With love,

Your Rookie Team