You made it through another year around the sun, and you should be so incredibly proud of everything you have accomplished during 2022!

Despite the challenges this year may have had in store for you. Be it becoming a first time parent, experiencing loss, new challenges or just getting through parenthood (which can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster on its own). You persevered through it all and came out stronger on the other side.

It was an interesting year! The first year that has seemed “kinda normal” after all the covid craziness, and we can admit that the freedom certainly feels exhilarating. Life has pretty much gone back to normal, but our hearts and minds have somehow shifted forever. 

Every uncomfortable situation you endured, led to growth. Every obstacle led to wisdom. Every tear, bought a lesson. Maybe it was the best year of your life so far, or maybe it was the worst. Whichever way it went for you - there are blessings through it all. 

As a Team at Rookie it was a year filled with the most challenges, but also the most incredible growth. We grew in product categories, team members and countries. Hardships were met with passion and success and we would not have been able to do it without each and every one of you! 

So as the chapter of 2022 ends and we welcome a bright new start of 2023 - we want to take a moment with you, to reflect on everything you have become. You are not just a parent, or a parent to be. You are raising the next generation of humans and you are doing a damn good job at it too! 

Cheers to the late nights, sleep deprivation and fomo. Cheers to the food stains on the couch, and the baby stains on your t shirt. Cheers to never being on-time for anything ever again and the never ending pile of washing on your floor! We’re in this together - bring it on! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR MOM & DAD - May the possibilities of 2023 be endless and the hours of sleep be limitless.

With love,

Team Rookie