Hey Future Mom - Welcome to the first trimester!

I'm Bianca, a Rookie mom of two little boys. I want to share with you a few things that will await you in the next few months of the 1st trimester.

Since you found out that you are pregnant, you have certainly experienced a wide variety of feelings. From blatant excitement to pure chaos in the head or even fear of how everything is supposed to be....

We all experience pregnancy and the first trimester differently. However, there is also much that we have in common during this time.

It is said that many women find the first trimester to be the most difficult due to the many symptoms it brings.

Think about it: Your body is preparing to create another human! Morning sickness and fatigue can be really draining, but don't worry, it's completely normal and part of the process. That too shall pass. Let's master this time together and enjoy the moment together - because it will pass far too quickly!

Here are some TIPS to make the first trimester a little more bearable and to remind you that you are accomplishing something incredible!

Not only is it very good to put your feelings on paper - a pregnancy journal is also a good way to deal with what you are experiencing and to pass the time. It's also nice to look back on what you've written. Especially if you are pregnant again. So you can compare again with your first pregnancy.

Nausea is definitely not a pleasure. There are a few things you can try to help ease the feeling. Not all work for everyone, but you can always try them. They helped other moms.

Take your prenatal vitamins in the evening instead of in the morning
Anything containing ginger
lemon or lemonade
Protein and foods rich in vitamin B6 such as nuts, chickpeas, legumes
Easy salted crackers before you get up

When you're feeling down, it's really hard to find time to exercise. However, start your day with 30 minutes of exercise (depending on what you're comfortable with) and you'll start your day better and feel less tired. Some of the most enjoyable activities during pregnancy include yoga, walking, jogging, and swimming.

Maybe you're looking in the mirror right now and waiting for your baby bump. You feel awful, you're upset, but no one can see that you're pregnant - of course, that can be frustrating. Especially when you're trying to explain why you're not feeling so good right now. Take a photo of your abdomen weekly or monthly. It's so interesting to see all the pictures together and watch the little human in you grow.

are you drinking enough water If yes, drink more! It's so important that you stay hydrated as your body goes through all these changes. If you feel tired, take a nap. Taking care of yourself and your physical and mental well-being is now your number one priority. Don't be afraid to take some time for yourself and just do nothing.

We hope your first trimester isn't too overwhelming for you. Try to keep reminding yourself that you are creating a new human being and that is a superpower.

Be patient with yourself and be present in the moment.

You're going to be an amazing mom.