Instruction video

Putting on the Rookie Winter Cover is quick and easy. With a few simple steps you can attach the Winter Cover to any model of Rookie Baby Carrier. 

Quick tips:

  • On the inside of the winter cover, you will find snap buttons on either side. Secure one around each shoulder strap on the OUTSIDE of your Rookie. 
  • To reduce the width of your winter cover, tighten the straps on the front and secure the remaining loose ends in place by threading them through the allocated strap loops. 
  • Place your baby's feet inside each allocated foot pocket. For newborn babies up to size 62, you can adjust the height by fastening the snap buttons allocated on the foot pocket together. 
  • EXTRA: To allow for ventilation, you can open the foot pockets or full the feet through the pocket openings. 

Under or over your jacket?

This is completely up to you! If your baby is a little smaller, you can carry the baby carrier and the Winter Cover under your jacket and protect your child with your jacket.

If your baby is already a little bigger and fills the foot space of the Winter Cover with the legs, you can best carry it over your jacket.

You can also download the full manual here.

schutzcover_rookie babytragen_cover_rookie