A simple word for a hundred different roles. A boy's first hero & a daughter's first love. A role often underplayed, yet one filled with so much responsibility, emotion & love.

Today, and every other day. We want to tell you, dad. We see you and we appreciate you! Here are a few things we love about you, that you may or may not already know.

  1. From the day you become a father, we know it’s hard to adjust to this new role. We see you in the moments when you feel left out and alone and we want to remind you that it’s okay and normal to feel this way. You are still so loved and this moment is only temporary.
  2. We know you miss her - but we promise she will be back soon! It’s not easy juggling everything, but you are still important - although some days it may not feel that way to you.
  3. Although we might moan about your socks lying on the floor, or the toilet seat -  we would miss them if they weren't there. 
  4. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are all we need! Your time is everything to us. We mean it.
  5. We see all your hard work and sacrifices you make to provide for your family and we appreciate it. We notice when you are tired and need rest.
  6. We love the way you fully indulge into play time and we know you may even enjoy it more than the kids do. 
  7. We know you need time for YOURSELF too. And we want to remind you that it’s okay to show yourself some love and make time for yourself. We want you to be happy.
  8. We feel safer when you are around. 
  9. Your dad jokes are funny - but only sometimes. Thank you for always making us laugh.
  10. You are our world. WE LOVE YOU. We would be lost without you. 

To all the dads, dads-to-be and dads who would like to be. Thank you for everything you do! Your role is equally important to your family and it’s so amazing to see how many incredible father’s there are out there, giving their all every single day! 


With love,

Team Rookie