Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and at the same time most challenging experiences in a woman's life. When a new life enters the world, everything changes - from priorities to one's identity. But despite the countless diaper changes, sleepless nights and endless feedings/feedings, one question remains:

Who am I outside of my role as a mom?
We asked our four rookie moms: You are moms and what else defines you?


I'm a mom, but I'm also an adventurer. I love climbing, camping and just being in nature. That's what defines me and it's fun.


I'm a mom, but also a woman pursuing her career and pursuing her own passions. My three children are my priority, but I am also writing a book, love fashion and yoga, am a photographer and enjoy a glass of wine.


I'm a mom, but I'm also a fitness enthusiast.
I love running and doing workouts. Working out and being a mom are also easy for me to combine.


I'm a mom, but I'm also a skier.

My greatest passion is skiing and one of the best feelings for me is passing this passion on to my daughter and sharing it with her.

Our role as a mother does not change the woman we are! Motherhood is a part of us, but it does not completely define us. Being a mother and remaining a woman do not compete with each other, they go hand in hand.

And now it's YOUR turn: I'm a mom, but I'm also...