On the road without obstacles

Who likes obstacles? We definitely like it uncomplicated. From the very beginning I have carried my daughter, for example, we walked the stairs to our home together for the first time, took our first train ride to our grandparents and that's how Sophie found her way to sleep in the beginning. In the beginning, carrying was always the solution, both were satisfied. For me, it was a little time out, I could do my things and enjoy being close to her and she felt safe and secure. They were both happy - whether at home or on the road.

From A to B without detours

From the beginning we also had a pram, but it was mostly just standing around. Especially the stairs to our apartment are not easy to manage with a pram. Especially when it has to go fast, the stretcher scores points, whether it is on public transport or when shopping. Instead of looking for the lift, you can easily take the stairs, so you can get from A to B faster without long detours and can stop at any café, no matter how small. Also during our walks through the forest, which we love so much, we are always on the way with the stretcher, as this way we can explore every path, no matter how small.

What baby carrier?

There is no clear answer here, everyone has to find the right one for themselves and their needs. There is a large selection and so are the differences. Not every stretcher fits every life situation. We had a sling at the very beginning, which was a great solution for us in the early days, as we did not know Rookie yet. In the course of time, however, it was used less and less as it became more and more difficult for me to carry the weight over a longer period of time and Sophie suddenly had other priorities. Sleeping and cuddling was no longer the main priority, rather she wanted to discover the world and see everything very closely. So the pram was used more and more. But my euphoria about the newly discovered pram did not last long. I missed the practical, uncomplicated way of carrying it and the closeness to my daughter. I was very excited when the "revolution" found its way to us.

A designer piece for everyday life

It is clear at first sight that the model "Revolution" from Rookie has a great design and looks good. At second glance it becomes clear that it fulfills all my wishes for a stretcher. It fits perfectly, can be dressed comfortably by yourself and you can also carry bigger babies over a longer period of time. The design is simply great and the simple colours are exactly to my taste. It's perfect that Sophie also likes it and that she now discovers the world from my back. If it becomes too much for her, she can still enjoy the closeness to us and sleep.

The Rookie baby carriers are available in three versions. If you are wondering which one is the right one for you, HERE you will find an answer. We have decided on the "Revolution Baby Carrier". Since our daughter is already 7 months old and we absolutely want to carry her on her back. It is perfectly adjustable and I can carry my daughter comfortably for a long time. A huge plus point is that the Revolution is easy to put on! It is really not much more complicated than putting on a backpack and that's it. It's a pity that we didn't have a stretcher from Rookie earlier. It is ergonomic, practical and the modern, simple design is convincing. What can be easily overlooked with this design is the sustainability of the different products. The stretchers are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton-linen fabric and are breathable, which is great on hot summer days. But the most exciting thing is the shoulder straps, which are made from apple leftovers from the juice production and contribute a lot to the exclusive design.

We are looking forward to the summer, to the beautiful and warm evenings, ice cream in the sun, summer dresses blowing in the wind and long walks and Sophie on our back, always close to us.