Rookie goes Cape Town

A beautiful sunset, five cool dads and their Rookies - we didn't want to miss that!

When fatherhood unites

After this cool group of fathers had written us a message together, it was clear to us: we have to meet them! Some of the boys have known each other for ages, others only recently met. But the bond between them was amazing!

The awesome Rookie Marketing Team in Cape Town met with these fantastic fathers and quickly put together this wonderful shoot!



On Signal Hill at sunset

A moment shared with a sunset like no other, on the famous Signal Hill in the beautiful city of Cape Town, we had one of the most relaxing photoshoots in celebration of fatherhood and friendship. The extraordinary photoshoot was not only incredibly fun, but above all showed the wonderful way that baby wearing and fatherhood brings men together 🖤

Of course, the dads were all super excited - the first time in front of a professional camera. But what can we say: the boys were natural talents!

The love for baby wearing
There is so much more behind these great photos than just the love for carrying babies... like the stories and experiences that bought this awesome group of dads together in a very special way. At times we had to put the camera down, because of the moments of laughter.

The joy and energy of this evening was amazing, when you see how similar they all are in their passion for fatherhood. "Talking about our kids with my boys can be incredibly funny, but on the other hand, it can be so emotional."

We are absolutely inlove with the fact that we can be a part of these incredible moments and that we can bring families together in the process of creating beautiful shared memories.

A huge thank you goes out to Pierre, Liam, André, Teasdale and Pierre! You are real super dads!