Have you found a moment for yourself today? 🖤  Did you manage to drink a hot cup of coffee or tea? Were you able to take a little break to exercise, get ready or eat in peace?

Let's admit being a mother is a full-time job! We don't always find time for ourselves. Some days we barely find time to eat a meal in peace. In addition, many of us are back at work shortly after birth and work from home - often with a child constantly around us. This leaves little time for things that benefit us personally!

Our days are filled with dirty diapers, a little spit here and there, mashed bananas on our leggings and sometimes in our hair.

With a to-do list that has no end, you can't help but feel that you won't get anything done in a day. Life is really chaotic sometimes! We clean the house, take a quick shower, and when we're done and think we have time to relax, it looks like a bomb has exploded and the cycle starts all over again.

It is easy to say that you should take time for yourself, because we know how difficult it really is. You put on your sports clothes in the morning, hoping to find 30 minutes for a workout - later in the evening, after a hard day, we still have not managed to find a quiet moment for ourselves.

But hey, there are no special rules for #selftime. There are many things that can make you calm and make you happy. Read a magazine, meditate, do sports, eat a hamburger in peace, listen to your favorite podcast, take a long hot shower, walk in the park, go to the hairdresser or get a massage... -Every minute of free time counts, right? 😉

No matter what self love looks like to you - try to find the time for it! As a mommy it is easy to lose sight of yourself, to always put your little people first, but if we don't take time for ourselves, take care of ourselves and love ourselves, how can we be the best possible mothers for our babies? Give yourself time to find energy for your everyday life.

When you feel good, when you feel fresh and relaxed, you will immediately notice a difference in your little ones' behaviour. You will notice that you are more patient, understanding and energetic.

So take your time for yourself today. We hope you feel beautiful, we hope you feel refreshed and loved. We hope you take a moment to breathe, to think and to take it all in. We hope you are good to yourself and that you give yourself love. You are great, you are strong and you can endure anything.

You're a great mom! 🖤