"For us, it's an irreplaceable support in everyday life."

Dear Rookie Family!

Once again, we had the honor of having a wonderful mama tell us about her experience with our Rookie baby carrier. Dalia, has the Rookie Premium in Dark grey.

...By the way, this blogpost is super interesting for you if you and your partner have two completely different body shapes, as well as for mamas who will or have delivered their baby via c-section.

Happy reading!

I had heard a lot about the Rookie Premium Baby Carrier during my pregnancy - my Instagram feed constantly showcased its ease of use and great design, various mama blogs reported on the "miracle carrier" and midwives raved about the perfect, ergonomic baby carrier on advice sites.

It almost sounded too good to be true, which is why I finally decided to see for myself. So I ordered the Rookie Premium in Dark Grey to Switzerland and actually received it just three days later. I don't think I've ever been so thrilled with a package. It was classy and simple, just like the carrier itself. Now "only" our little big miracle was missing - I couldn't wait to finally meet the little one. After 9 months of listening to my heartbeat non-stop and carrying her right under my heart, it was practically unimaginable and somehow a little sad for me not to be able to feel this closeness in this way anymore.

The big day came and our little Ella saw the light of day. As wonderful and beautiful as it was, I also struggled with pain in the first few weeks after my c-section. I wanted to carry her around, but that proved not to be so easy. The midwife at the hospital advised me not to use a carrier as it would press on the stitching of the scar and cause friction. When I was discharged from the hospital after five days, I still wanted to try the carrier.

Lo and behold - because of the newborn feature, the carrier sat on my waist and didn't even come close to my scar. Putting it on for the first time was a breeze, even for someone like me who is pretty clumsy. Ella felt right at home in the carrier from the first moment and it warmed my heart to carry my darling so close to me again. Even though she was still so small, the adjustable bar allowed for a perfect, M-shaped position. Ella always fell right asleep and I had my hands free to take care of other things.

With my husband, who by the way weighs at least twice as much as I do, the carrier also fit like a glove and the little one felt very secure with daddy right from the start. In fact, we were given other carriers and slings for the birth and I can honestly say: The Rookie combines the best of all. Its fabric is soft and comfortable and more like that of a sling, while the support is definitely the same as a sturdy baby carrier. The wide shoulder straps don't cut in and the buckles on the sides make putting it on a breeze.

I really had my doubts at first as to whether my high expectations would be met. Our sweetie is now already 7 weeks old and the Rookie is still her favorite. For us it is an irreplaceable support in everyday life. And also on an emotional level, it gives me that  closeness from pregnancy that I long for every now and then.