At Rookie, we want to make moms, dads, and their kids happy. But what is the difference between the different carriers and which one is the right and best baby carrier for you? This depends on several different factors. We have created the following blog post to help you answer your questions.


  • Are ergonomic for parents and children: This means that the fit of the straps is optimised and they lie comfortably on your shoulders. In addition, the child sits in the recommended M-position.
  • Have been sustainably manufactured from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics: All carriers are manufactured sustainably. The organic cotton linen fabric used is particularly soft and breathable.
  • A synonym for minimalist design and maximum functionality: our baby carriers combine a lot of practical features with a minimalist style reduced to the essentials.
  • Are excellent as hip-friendly baby carriers: The Rookies have been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip-friendly baby carriers.
  • Can be used immediately after birth (from 3.5kg).
  • Have an adjustable bar that can be continuously adjusted to the size of your baby (baby carrier)


The X- and H- straps

It is important that you can carry your baby comfortably and without pain. The shape of the shoulder straps on baby carriers plays an important role in this. A distinction is made between so-called X-carriers and H-carriers. The X-straps cross on the back. The H-straps run straight along the back. The Rookie Premium has X straps. The Rookie Revolution has H-straps.


Rookie Premium

The Rookie Premium is especially recommended for smaller babies that are carried on the front of your chest. During the first months after birth, you will often carry your baby for several hours a day. It is therefore important that the carrier is as comfortable as possible for you and your back.

The straps on the Rookie Premium cross on your back (X-style). This strap shape distributes your baby's weight evenly over your shoulders and back. This way you can comfortably carry your baby for a long period. This is ideal if your baby is between 0 and 18 months old.

Rookie Revolution

The Rookie Revolution is particularly dynamic. Due to the H-shape of the straps, you can carry your baby on the front of your chest as well as on your back. Therefore it is especially recommended for older babies between 6 and 24 months.

Older babies are often carried for shorter periods because they want to be active, crawl, and walk. If your child can hold his or her head upright for a longer period (around 9+ months), you can carry your baby on your back.

Another special feature is the removable waist belt. If your child is already a little older and you want to carry him or her on your back, the waist belt can simply be removed. This way you can put the carrier on even faster and it is more compact during transport. The Revolution can also be individually resized with the adjustable bar.



We recommend the Premium baby carrier especially for smaller babies between 0-18 months. They are particularly suitable for carrying your baby on the front of your chest for a longer period. The padded straps and the waist belt give you stability and support - especially when your baby is still very small.

We recommend the Revolution baby carrier when your baby is older and you want to carry him or her on your back. The Revolution is also suitable from birth. It shows its strengths when your baby is over 9 months old and you can carry him or her on your back. Here too, the straps provide support and stability.

If you have any further questions or are unsure which carrying type is right for you, please send us a message to team@rookie-baby.com and our carrying consultant will be happy to help you!