Award-winning quality: Preisträger des Plus X Awards 2018/2019

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The Rookie Premium Baby Carrier combines many practical features with a minimalist design. It is made of a cotton/linen mix for optimum ventilation, elasticity and stability. In contrast to many other carriers you can use the Rookie immediately after birth (from 3.5 kg) up to a child age of about one and a half years (up to about 15 kg).

The Rookie Premium is quick and easy to put on and fits perfectly into your everyday life.

The Rookie Premium is optimised for wearing on your chest. When worn on your back, the shoulder straps would cross on your chest. The Rookie Revolution is ideal for wearing on the back.
The Rookie Premium Baby Carrier was awarded by the jury of the Plus X Award in the categories quality, design and ergonomics. The award is presented annually. Previous years' winners included Aston Martin, GoPro and Apple.

 Preisträger des Plus X Awards 2018/2019

The adjustable bar (10-40cm) allows you to adjust the baby carrier to the size of your child: the bar should always be adjusted so that it runs from back of the knee to back of the knee. This way your baby always sits in the recommended squat-spread position, i.e. the legs are squatted at least at a right angle and the back is slightly rounded. The head can be additionally fixed with a headrest. The Rookie has been awarded as hip-friendly carrier by the Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The headrest for your baby disappears in a hidden pocket if desired. You can also store your credit card or cash in this bag.
The waist belt is secured with a special velcro. This allows a quick change from mum to dad. The shoulder straps are fastened with two buckles. This allows you to put your child down without waking him or her. The carrier is optimised so that you can put it on quickly and easily by yourself.
The Rookie Premium is suitable for newborns and children up to 15 kg. It is a "one-size-fits-all" baby carrier, i.e. large men and small women (or vice versa) can use the same carrier. Whether XS or XL - thanks to the adjustable waist belt, the baby carrier can be used up to a waist circumference of approx. 115 cm.
The Rookie is particularly comfortable because the shoulder straps are made of special antibacterial foam. This is also used for yoga mats and distributes the weight of your child optimally on your shoulders. The shoulder straps are ultra-thin, but distribute your baby's weight so well that you can carry him or her for hours.
The organic cotton linen fabric is particularly characterised by the fact that it is breathable and antibacterial. The composition of the fabric ensures high quality and durability. Our fabrics are produced under the strictest quality controls and are OEKO-TEX. The certifications stand for the world's strictest standards for the sustainable processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibres. We also attach great importance to (socially) fair working conditions.

The rookie's waist belt sits higher than on many other baby carriers. In addition, there is no buckle at the front for to secure the carrier. Therefore you can use the Rookie even if your baby was born by cesarean section.

✓ Quick to to put on & take off: easily put your child down when they fall asleep.

✓ Quick & easy change from mom to dad.

✓ Ultra safe: holds up to several hundred kilos (EU safety standards for baby carriers: EN 13209-2:2015)

✓ Super comfortable: adjusts perfectly to your body size (up to 115 cm waist)

Which Baby Carrier is the Right one for me?

You are not sure which rookie carrier is the right one for you? Then read here about the difference between the Rookie Premium und Rookie Revolution


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