As a new mom, you face so many new challenges and emotions in the first few days, weeks, or even months after you deliver your baby. Besides the physical recovery of your own body, which needs a lot of rest and healing - you also have to take care of a tiny human and deal with the roller coaster of emotions that come with all the changing hormones in your body.

Becoming and being a mother is the most beautiful thing that will ever happen to you, there is no doubt about that! Becoming a mother is more than just taking care of someone. It's about personal growth, it's about sacrifice, and it's about learning to love and be patient with yourself - even on the really hard days! We want YOU to know that YOU are not alone and that what YOU are going through is normal. That's why we want to share these 6 amazing things we as mothers have learnt, with YOU.

You are magical
Despite the bags under your eyes, the milk stains on your pajamas, and your messy bun - YOU are beautiful! Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to rest because you just gave birth to a human and deserve to take in all that is happening in this moment and enjoy this magical time!

Give yourself time
Your little one needs you. This big world is scary for them, just like it is for you. You are both learning so much from each other that it's okay if some days it feels like nothing is going right and you feel overwhelmed. It will get easier with time and you will both understand each other better with each passing day. We promise!

Mama knows best
Moms often get overwhelmed by people around them who want to give them advice and tell them what they should or shouldn't do. Advice is often helpful, but know that you don't have to take all the tips and advice. Stick to your own beliefs and mama instincts - and do what YOU think is best for both of you. YOU know best - YOU are the mama!

Ask for help
Receiving and accepting help does not make you a bad mom. If it gives you a moment to rest, sleep, have a hot meal, or just learn something new - accept that help - the smallest things make the world of difference! If someone offers to clean your house or cook dinner for your family, let them do it. Don't struggle and do everything yourself - Give yourself time to rest. This is so important!

Self-care is everything
If we don't feel rested and beautiful - how can we be a good example to our little babies? Eat good nutritious food, drink healthy drinks and lots of water, pamper yourself, go for a walk outside or try to do some shopping on your own. Take time for YOU too. YOU deserve it - YOU are worth it!

The moment is now
Days, weeks and even years go by faster than you can imagine. Today's struggle will only be a memory a month from now. So take every second of the day to enjoy the moment. Snap lots of photos, take time to love and cuddle with your baby because these magical moments are only temporary. Time goes by so fast, live and enjoy the moment!

We know being a mom can be lonely at times, especially in the crazy pandemic the world is still facing. But know YOU have your own worth and there are millions of women in the world who feel the same way you do right now. Show yourself love and mindfulness because YOU are doing one of the most difficult and beautiful things in the world!

With love,
A Rookie Mama B