P A R E N T H O O D 

Mother's Day and Father's Day are two special days traditionally celebrated in May. Short and sweet. But this year we want to do it differently... 

We don't want to celebrate you on just one day. This year, we're making the entire month of May our special Parenthood-Month. With lots of emotional stories and real-talk, we'll show you how important and valued YOU are to the world and to your little ones.

We want to talk to you about the reality of parenthood. We want to go deeper than ever before. And even if we seem to know it, we do not always realise what a challenge the role of being a mother or father actually means and what it’s like lose ourselves in the chaos of our everyday lives.

Parenthood is tough. Pregnancy is challenging. Birth is exhilarating. Fatherhood is important. Raising kids is hard. We often tend to lose ourselves in the chaos or may sometimes even forget who we really are. BUT, they are worth it. 

In this blogpost we will be highlighting the details of becoming, we want to go into detail about the process, the bits that no one often speaks about but deserves to be acknowledged. We want you to feel the emotions, the love, and remember the magic of your journey. From the very beginning, to the end. We see you. We feel you. We understand. You are amazing. You are loved. You are important.


To the future mamas and papas who have been trying to get pregnant, we know it’s frustrating to wait and to try and try with no luck. We know you might feel hopeless or disappointed. We feel with you, and we want you to know you are not alone, and your moment will come and it will be so incredibly worth it! You are worthy and deserving.

To the mama who is pregnant, we know you are tired. We know you have had to sacrifice many things you love. We know your feet hurt, and that you miss sleeping on your belly. We know your body is going through so many changes, that you may feel scared and that you may feel overwhelmed. You need to know, you are amazing and that it’s okay to rest and do nothing. Also, you are beautiful and everything is going to be okay. It will all come to you naturally.

To the newborn parents, we have got you! We know you are tired, and that your life has just had a massive adjustment. We know you are dealing with things you have never had to deal with before. You are learning, changing and growing by the minute. We know that all the change can be super overwhelming and may even be putting some pressure on your relationship. We want to remind you that it was love that got you here. It was love that created that little miracle lying in front of you, and it will be love that gets you through it all. This moment is not permanent, enjoy it and be there now. You are strong enough to handle any obstacle. Your little human needs you. You are their home now!

To the dad who feels confused and overwhelmed. We know it can be scary, knowing there is going to be another human to take care of. We know that seeing your partner in pain and emotional through pregnancy can be tough. We know that watching her give birth can make you feel hopeless and scared. We want you to know that everything is going to be okay. You are going to be an amazing parent and you are all your family needs, you are enough. We know that for the first weeks or months you may feel left out or neglected because mama has her hands full taking care of your new little blessing - this too shall pass, you still have each other and you still have the magic that got you here.

To the parents who feel scared. Bringing life into the world is not for the faint hearted. You will sacrifice many things you love. You will miss your sleep. You will become the most selfless version of yourself. But, you will be amazing at your new role. You are amazing. You are doing an incredible job and your hard work, dedication and drive to be the best parent you can be is noticed and appreciated.

To the couples trying to adopt, we know you may feel scared or uncertain. Bringing a little soul into your life is the most challenging and unpredictable thing you can do. However, you are so incredible for taking on such a big responsibility and your heart will be forever rewarded with love. You are making a difference, you are changing the world and you are an inspiration! We know you will find the perfect companion, and if you already have - we wish you the most incredible journey. You have got this! 

To the same sex couples, facing daily judgements and challenges. We want you to know that you are amazing. We know that it can be frustrating at times getting asked questions or judged by this messy world we live in. We also know that you may face other challenges when it comes to adoption or artificial insemination. You are brave, you are inspiring and we know you are strong enough to overcome anything. Everything will fall into place, and we want you to know you are incredible for following your heart. Love will always win.

To the parents doing it alone, we salute you! Being a single parent is most probably the hardest responsibility in the world. Having to take it all onto your shoulders can be exhausting and overwhelming. You are doing an amazing job and we see you. We see all your hard work, we share your stress and we honestly take our hats off to you. You are absolute fire and so strong for doing it all on your own. They say it takes a village to raise a child, making you a superhero! 

To the ones we didn’t mention, you are no less important. We could go on forever, acknowledging and appreciating every part of the parenting journey, each journey can be so different - but the bottom line is this. Anyone willing or even wanting to take on the responsibility of bringing life into the world, raising kind and compassionate children who will one day be the change. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice the things they love, to give everything to the future. To learn the true meaning of selflessness, unconditional love and patience. 

To anyone reading this, 






We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for including us in the most magical journey of all. 

With love, Team Rookie ♥️