Valentine's Day for Mom & Dad

Before becoming a parent, Valentine’s Day around the world is always known for romance, red roses, expensive chocolates, champagne and waiting for that special someone to shower you with love and appreciation. This is nice for sure, but the reality of it is not always that simple and easy in this busy fast-paced life of parenthood. 

After having kids, especially when they are still very little. We often feel the pressure to stick to these rituals and have all these high expectations, but forget about the most important thing - to show LOVE to ourselves! 

Parenthood is a challenging journey filled with new obstacles every single day. We as parents forget to show ourselves love and to treat ourselves because we are always prioritising our babies. Don’t get us wrong. This is a beautiful thing, however, you deserve some love too!

We encourage you this Valentine’s day to not only be present with your partner but to take some time to really LOVE yourself! Give yourself a romantic c bath. Buy yourself something you have wanted to for a while, but have been putting off. Take some time to just be there, to feel and to be proud of yourself and how much you have already grown in your journey. Show gratitude for the unconditional LOVE you have learnt, and how absolutely powerful it is. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to feel relaxed. You deserve to feel LOVED.

If you don’t have the opportunity to spend time alone or with your partner, that’s okay. Take an extra special moment to embrace your family, to look down at your little angel and to be reminded that it was LOVE that created this incredible little human. It was LOVE that got you here. And it will always be LOVE that gets you through the darkest of times.

Happy Valentine’s Day mom & dad! We wish you a beautiful day of LOVE and we hope the rest of your year is filled with just as much magic as this day brings.