A Daily Companion In Our Unique Parenthood Journeys

Just like each and every one of us, every single parenting journey is different and unique.

From the very moment, you find out you are pregnant, to your birth experience. From those very first days to those very first steps. As parents, we all experience our own journey and make our own choices. 

If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s needing a companion to help us through a journey that can sometimes feel extremely overwhelming, scary and lonely.

Baby-wearing and finding the perfect baby carrier is exactly what we are talking about. From giving mom the opportunity to carry on with her everyday life. To giving dad, grandma, grandpa or other family members an opportunity to deeply connect with the newest addition to the family. And providing your greatest little blessing in life with love, comfort and safety as they begin their journey of life. 

We connected with the most incredible and diverse group of moms and dads at our recent photoshoot in Cape Town, South Africa. All of them use baby-wearing in their everyday lives, to help them navigate through their days. Each parent is so unique from the next, but all with the same goal - to provide their babies with love and comfort, to raise them into humans with compassion, confidence and security.

 A Rookie is something for everyone. It provides parents with a feeling that cannot be described but only felt. It’s something new but somehow, it's something that becomes a part of your everyday life. It’s an experience. It’s a journey. You are not alone. Let’s get through it together! 🖤